The contents of this page demonstrate my skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. The content below is solely my work.

LJ Inc.

LJ Inc. is a contracting company specializing in electric, heating and cooling, millwright, generator, and computer repair. I was contracted to create flyers to promote their new fields of expertise in robotic integration, field service, and engineering services. This is an ongoing project.


For my final project in my Logo and Identity Design class at Central Michigan University, I had to create a company and develop a logo, identity guide, and a campaign surrounding my company. TidyMind is an organization that focuses on awareness for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and providing resources for individuals with ADHD and their families and friends. I went for a minimalistic look for this campaign to keep the message simple and easy to understand for both ADHD and non-ADHD individuals.


Clickbait was a project I created for my Logo and Identity Design class. The purpose of this project was to create a stationery set based around a fake company that we were tasked with creating. The design of Clickbait was derived from two elements: fish and technology, hence the name "Clickbait." Clickbait was created as a technology company, so I wanted my design to incorporate technology in some way and ultimately decided to shape a computer mouse in the form of a fish. 

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