Looking to put a name to the face of the deepest hurt within me, beneaththesewounds comes from the concept of the hurt under the hurt. Scars are maps that remind us where we came from-they tell our story. Our outer flesh may heal, but what lies underneath that? What lies beneath the wound? 

For a long time, I suffered and felt like a slave to my pain. I struggled to express my hurt to others and coped with my pain through self-harm. But writing helped me put my words together. beneaththesewounds allows me to share both the good and bad of my seasons as both a personal outlet and for others to connect to, regardless of where they are in their lives.

beneaththesewounds is not only home to the deepest parts of my heart, this project is for others to find comfort in what they are struggling with.

“where my lips can't speak
words do.”

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